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High power Half-Bridge resonant SMPS for Audio Amplifiers, capable of delivering 4800W when supplying audio amplifiers with a crest factor of 1:3 and 6200W peak power. This Power supply can be used for high power Class AB amplifiers with 2 or 4 supply rails, such as the LME49810 based amplifiers, or class H, 2 tier amplifiers, or high-power Class D amplifiers with overall power up to 4500W.

The chosen topology is widely used in PA field, has proved as being reliable and very efficient with average cost and complexity, and allows very high efficiency, over 92% from 20% to 100% load and a peak efficiency of 95.6%. The output voltages are unregulated except the auxiliary outputs which use linear regulators, and the output voltage follows the mains input voltage by an almost constant ratio +-2-5% depending on the load.

It has two differential voltage outputs, up to four isolated unregulated aux. voltages of +-24V at 500mA and up to four isolated regulated aux. voltages of +-12V or +-15V at 400mA. It also has on-board low-power stand-by power supply which provide another 3 supply voltages: one 12V 500mA regulated voltage output, and one differential voltage of +-12V at 200mA. It has remote turn-on and features extremely low stand-by power consumption of under 1W while can provide 200mW of power for housekeeping supply circuits.

The common available output voltages are 2 x +-80V DC at 15A, and up to four auxiliary voltages of +-24V DC at 0.5A, and another four +-12V or +-15V at 400mA. with mains voltage 115V or 230V user switchable. More voltage versions are available on requests.

Due to high power and uncommon application of this power supplies, we have stocked partial assembly boards, but we only configure them on request, upon order. Please contact us before order, and consider that customisation require manufacturing time of several weeks depending on quantity and possible extra-cost for uncommon voltages. This is not a general purpose product and is intended to be used only by well trained personnel in custom made products. Detailed description and specification manual is available on request.

The board size is just 200x200mm and height from the board base is 55mm, including the board thickness and under board spacers,it has ~ 63mm total height. The power train components are arranged in an airflow tunnel shape to allow forced air cooling of the heatsinks on which the power semiconductors are mounted and the power transformer and resonant inductor, keeping the working temperature at reasonable values even if is used at high power for extended periods of time.

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