Products Shipping

Products purchased directly from Connexelectronic website, no matter what shipping method was chosen, are usually posted  within 3-8 working days after the order was completed and paid, for any of the readily available products and within 2-3 weeks for the products which need extra time for configuration, such as Power supplies with custom voltages. We don’t do overnight deliveries as other sellers claim but we ship in reasonable time. Please contact us first before purchase if you request faster delivery to check if is possible.

All the products with a total weight under 2 Kg, or with low total value can be shipped with Registered Airmail or Express Courier shipping if is chosen. Products heavier than 2 Kg, or with total value exceeding 300$, products shipped to some troublesome countries where Registered Airmail is not suitable are sent with fast courier if possible, usually DHL or UPS where available upon paying the shipping cost difference. Orders placed consecutively or at short time intervals are shipped together if the initial order wasn’t shipped while the second or third order is being placed. The shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of the products and destination, For some countries or remote areas, the actual shipping cost can be higher than the value paid and if is significantly higher that the price paid we will contact customer to review the shipping conditions.
Few days after the package was posted we will get a tracking number from shipping company and will be sent by email, please check all email folders including junk folder if you don’t receive the email notification with the tracking number. Not all the tracking information can be updated on the PayPal transaction detail page because the PayPal system only support a handful of shipping carriers and the ones which we use aren’t available on their system yet, so they offer no choice to send the tracking information via transaction page in most cases.

Important !!! Due to the current pandemic situation, shipping is slower than previously, more expensive, with shipping rates randomly increasing without notice and some previously available shipping methods often happens to be unavailable or had changed the shipping conditions. In this case, we have to chose the next suitable shipping method, with different shipping cost and time, sometimes slower, but in some cases might be the only one able to ship. 

The shipping usually takes from few weeks up to 2-3 months in some cases, for packages shipped with Registered Airmail from the date when the package is registered in the system and between one and two weeks for packages sent with DHL from Hong Kong, from the moment when the package is registered in the system, usually few days to two weeks after order, depending on the availability of the product, configuration if required and destination. Countries like USA, UK, AU, CA, receive the package faster, while for countries like middle-east or Africa may take a little longer. Do not chose the slowest or cheapest shipping method if you need your products fast. Contact us before purchasing to confirm the available shipping method and estimated shipping time.
Around winter holidays and Chinese New Year season or any other public holidays we shall expect longer shipping times than usual. The public holidays calendar can be found here: Customers must be aware of shipping time and patiently wait the product to arrive. We offer support to help tracking and finding the package once is shipped. In some exceptional situations the shipping is returned or cannot be posted with default carrier, and we must post it with a faster carrier such as DHL, FedeX TNT or UPS. We inform customers when such situations occur, give the choice to customer to proceed with express shipping.

In some countries, the customer might have to pay import taxes for purchased products. The tax is paid to the local authorities and the value depends on the purchasing values. This tax must be paid exclusively by the buyer and its is own responsibility to be informed about the tax value prior placing an order. If the customer refuse to pay the tax, it is entirely his responsibility, as the package will not be delivered, and might be kept at customs for a while, then probably destroyed.
In the unlikely event that the package is rejected by customs and sent back to us, we will resend the package after the customer pays the shipping cost difference and any import or shipping related taxes which we have to pay to receive or resend the package. If the import procedure for a certain country is troublesome and the package cannot be received by the customer.

Please make sure that you read this note and fully understand before placing an order, and contact us by mail for any further details. We will be happy to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible, taking in account the worldwide time shift and weekends.

Make sure the product choice is done correctly, especially mains voltage and output voltage choice for SMPS, where is easy to mistakenly chose a single output voltage over a dual or symmetrical output voltage one, or opposite. They are not swappable and there are important design differences which makes them unusable if ordered wrongly. For example a SMPS800RS 36V has a single 36V out plus aux. while a SMPS800RE +-36V has a differential +-36V plus aux. which means +36V, GND -36V and 72V across V- and V+.