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High power Quasi-resonant SMPS for Audio Amplifiers, capable of delivering up to 3000W with 1:3 crest factor and 3600W peak power. This Power supply can be used for high power Class AB amplifiers with 2 or 4 supply rails, such as the LME49810 based amplifiers, or class H, 2 tier amplifiers. Stock available output voltages are +-75V DC at 24A, and +-87V DC at 0.5A, or +-55V DC at 8A and +-110V at 12.5A. Other voltages are available on request. The topology used is soft-switched half-bridge resonant topology and the output voltage is within +-5% of the nominal voltage when the current draw is varying from 0-100% with constant mains input voltage. The main advantage is lower size, weight and cost compared with a similar closed loop regulated SMPS and better efficiency compared with the mains transformer and rectifier plus capacitors due to the fact that the transformer is driven with almost 50% duty cycle all the time, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS features over-current protection which limit the output current at about 130% about 4000W. The power supply can be used both at 110V mains voltage and 230V mains voltage, using voltage doubling when is used with 110V input.

Due to high power and uncommon application of this power supplies, we have stocked partial assembly boards, but we only configure them on request, upon order. Please contact us before order, and consider that customization require manufacturing time of several weeks depending on quantity and possible extra-cost for uncommon voltages. This is not a general purpose product and is intended to be used only by well trained personnel in custom made products. Detailed description and specification manual is available on request.


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