Conditions of Use

Please take a moment and read our Conditions of Use :

The products sold by Connexelectronic are custom made and with a few exceptions built upon order. All the products shall be used only according with the instructions provided on this website. The user should NOT attempt to modify or change any of the parameters of the products, which can lead to malfunction.
Most of the products are posted within 3-8 working days upon purchase except the boards which require multiple custom voltages or complex configuration. We don’t do overnight deliveries as other sellers claim and we try to ship in reasonable time. Please contact us first before purchase if you request faster delivery or if the product ordered today is expected to arrive yesterday… About 2-3 days after the products are posted we receive the tracking information and we add it on the order details page of each customer. It usually takes 3-6 working days from posting date till the tracking information is available and by the time the information is added, the parcel is being processed, so no reason to panic. The customer can check its own tracking information after login into his account. Also an email will be sent from the website once the tracking information is added. Do not sent emails requesting tracking information at various random addresses within our domain expecting replies. Those addresses either don’t exist or aren’t monitored. To protect the customers privacy, we just use one single email address for communication, which can be initiated from Contact Us form or just replying to previous email conversations. The only valid address for inquiries is <name of the website>@gmail,com
All the complete products except unassembled kits have 6 months warranty from the purchase date and on request we can offer basic support and instructions for installation, configuration and guidance to avoid malfunction.
If the product has issues or you are not sure about its features, please email us first instead asking on various internet places. The chance that a third party to be able to support an issue and answer to a question better than we can is minimal. Moreover, unqualified support will increase the chance of of doing something wrong or even damage, and we do not encourage to ask for support as it can lead to loss of warranty if the products were damaged following wrong advices given by unauthorized persons. We are convinced that we know more about our own products than someone else, and we pursuit to ask us first.

All the products purchased from Connexelectronic have 6 months warranty are are fully tested and visually inspected during manufacturing process and again again before shipping for any combination of 2 or more boards which are interconnected. In case of malfunction, we will work together to find a solution, if can’t be fixed remotely, the product must be sent back, we will evaluate the condition and the cause of damage, and we will repair or exchange, depending on the condition. If the product was damaged by itself, DOA or due shipping, and not because negligence, intentionally or improper usage, we won’t charge repair fee. The shipping cost back and forth will be supported by the customer. If the product need to be repaired after the 6 months warranty period, we can repair with minimal labor cost and the price of the parts, plus the shipping back after is repaired. We reserve the right to deny warranty if the product is damaged due to unauthorized modifications which lead to failure, negligence or intentionally.
We do NOT refund any purchase made from Connexelectronic, under any circumstances.

The designer and manufacturer of the product, Connexelectronic, will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages. Due to the high level of voltages present on some boards, the user should take all the caution measures needed when working with high voltage levels, should not touch any uninsulated part of the board or connectors, or short-circuit any part of the board or connectors. Any miss-usage will be made on user responsibility.