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High Performance, High Efficiency Resonant SMPS dedicated for CxD series Class D amplifiers as well as other class D amplifier modules such as UCD series from Hypex (TM) which requires multiple supply voltages and control signals for best efficiency and performance. The SMPS500RxE is capable to deliver 500W continuous for audio amplifiers and 620W peak power. The stock available output voltages are fixed values +-45V +-55V +-72V. It uses zero-voltage switching half bridge resonant topology. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with a similar regulated SMPS and better efficiency, up to 94.3%

The output voltage is regulated, and has very low ripple. In addition to the main differential output, it has one more low-power differential output, +-18-20V at 200mA and one low power 18-20V 300mA output. It has soft-start and Mute and Enable signals as well as DC speaker protection fast shut-down. The SMPS500RxE features over-current protection which limit the output current at about 125% of the maximum peak power, about 620W. It has visual indicator for Over-Current condition and latched shut-down if transformer temperature reach 80*C in case of long time overload.

The board size is 120mm long, 60mm wide, and the height of the tallest component is 32mm from the board base. with 5mm stand-offs under the PCB the total height is just 39mm for the standard version. On request, lower profile version is available with the total height of min 32mm and max. 35mm depending on the height of the capacitors used. If the available space is not an issue, on request, taller electrolytic capacitors can be used which increase the output current capability and peak output power.

Amplifier modules which can be used with one single SMPS500RxE are as follows:

  • one or two CxD250-HP amplifier modules; requires SMPS500RxE +-55V version
  • one IRS2092 Stereo amplifier, 2x200W version; requires SMPS500RxE +-55V version
  • one CxD500 Amplifier; requires SMPS500RxE +-72V version
  • two UCD180 Amplifier modules; requires SMPS500RxE +-45V version
  • one UCD400 Amplifier module; requires SMPS500RxE +-72V version

Any other amplifier modules such as CxD200-8R, CxD300-8R, CxD400 can be supplied from SMPS500RxE but these amplifier modules will not use the additional control connector of SMPS500RxE.

For high-performance applications, or when the SMPS500RxE is used to supply one single CxD500 amplifier module which is extensively used on bass duty applications, an add-on capacitor-filter board, LPS212A is recommended to be used between the SMPS500RxE and CxD500 Amplifier module.

For more information, SMPS500RxE.

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Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3.5 cm
Mains Voltage

120V, 230V

Output Voltage

45V, 55V, 72V, Special


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