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SMPS600RxE is the first product from a new series of High Performance, High Efficiency Resonant SMPS dedicated for High-performance Class D amplifiers which requires multiple supply voltages for best efficiency and performance. The SMPS600RxE is capable to deliver 600W continuous for audio amplifiers and 760W peak power. The stock available output voltages are adjustable within 10% range. It uses zero-voltage switching half bridge resonant topology. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with a similar regulated SMPS and better efficiency, up to 95% compared with the regulated SMPS’s due to the fact that the transistors are soft-switched, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS features over-current protection which limit the output current at about 120% of the maximum peak power, about 800W. The output voltage is regulated, and has very low ripple. In addition to the main differential output, it has one more low-power differential output, +-24V at 200mA and one low power 24V 300mA output. All outputs are isolated from each other, and they are well suited to be connected in any configuration required by a class D or class T amplifier. This power supply is intended to be used with CxD series class D amplifiers which require 5 supply voltages, one differential high power supply for amplifier power stage, one low power aux. differential supply for preamplifier and input stage, and one low power aux. voltage for Driver stage. Target applications for this power supply unit include the CxD250-HP amplifier modules, CxD500 amplifier modules, IRS2092 Stereo amplifier, 2x200W version, and future versions which will require 5 supply voltages.

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Weight 0.53 kg
Mains Voltage

120V, 230V

Output Voltage

45V, 55V, 60V, 72V, Special


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