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Resonant Power supply, built on request upon order, designed to be used for Class D Audio Amplifiers. It has a dedicated Aux supply connector which can supply aux. voltages and provide control (Mute at turn ON and shut-down, DC protection fast-disconnect) for up to 4 Amplifier modules with a total output power of 2000W.

The output voltages are tight regulated and adjustable within 10% range. The available output voltages are +-60V, +-75V, +-84V and +-92V, any other output voltage in range of +-40V to +-180V can be made on request. It uses zero-voltage switching half bridge resonant topology. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with any other similar SMPS and better efficiency, up to 95% due to the fact that the primary side MOS-FET’s are soft-switched, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS features overcurrent protection which limit the output current at about 130% of the maximum power, about 2600W. This SMPS can be used both at 230V AC Mains input voltage as well as 120V AC Mains supply voltage. By default, to prevent mistakes, is configured for 230V AC operation, the user must place the jumper for 120V AC operation.

As the end of May 2024 the version 4 of SMPS2000RxE is available, along with the version 3 which is available only for certain voltage values. The version 4 has even lower EMI noise and improved layout than the version 3. The most obvious changes is the addition of stand-by power supply able to deliver an independent 12V 800mA and remote turn On/Off function added. Version 4 uses a split bobbin type transformer, and black color PCB.

The current manual and pictures will be updated with the new specs and picture of the new board version.

For more information, SMPS2000RxE.

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60V, 75V, 84V, 92V, Special


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