IRS2092 Stereo Amplifier


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Stereo Scalable Output Power Class D Audio Amplifier based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. Output power in range of 200W to 700W on 4R impedance or 105W to 370W on 8R impedance. Features balanced high impedance input, 2x10Kr full protection set, only requires a diferential supply voltage in range of: +-42V to +-47V for the 200W version, +-60V to +-66V for the 400W version, and +-80V to +-92V for the 700W version. The board has a 100x100mm size, and 42mm height from the board to the heatsink top. For 400W and 700W version, a small cooling fan must be used to keep the heatsink themperature at normal levels especially when the output volume is high.

Latest version of IRS2092 Stereo Amplifier uses an optional connector for separate supply of Input stage and driver stage voltage regulators, reducing the heatsink temperature with as much as 30*C at idle and up to 25*C at medium-high power for the 400W and 700W versions, due to the fact that the power dissipated by the on-board series voltage regulators has an important contribution to the overall power loss and temperature rise. By providing separate, lower voltage to the regulators, not dirrectly from power rails, the dissipated power will be much lower allowing the module to run cooler for the same output power.

For more information,IRS2092_Stereo_Amplifier.

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Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4.2 cm
Output Power

2x200W, 2x400W, 2x700W


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