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Single channel Class D Audio Amplifier based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. Output power typically 200W on 8R impedance supplied with +-58V. It uses IRFI4019 dedicated class D output transistor.

Features full protection set, under-voltage, over-voltage over-current and over temperature protection, Mute and ON LED’s, mute control pin. Only requires a differential supply voltage in range of +-54 to +-65V. The CxD200 board alone weighs a little over 100 grams and the size is 35x100mm and 35mm height from the board to the heatsink top.

The most suitable power supply for a single module is SMPS240R or SMPS240QR with output voltage set for +-60V or +-65V. For two CxD200-8R SMPS500R must be used, for 3 CxD200-8R one SMPS600RxE can be used and for 4 CxD200-8R modules one SMPS800RE +-60V can be used.

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