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Single channel Class D Audio Amplifier kit based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. It uses single ended topology and unbalanced input with impedance of 3.3 to 3.9Kr depending on the power version. Three output power versions are ready available: 200W on 4R impedance at +-45V supply voltage, 350W on 4R impedance at +-60V, followed by 500W on 4R supplied at +-72V version. The 200W and 350W power versions are using on-board heatsinks for power dissipation, while the 500W version can use either heatsinks (forced air cooling might be required) or optionally a heastlug to spread the heat to an external, larger heatsink.

Only one differential voltage is required for each board version: +-45 (+-40 to +-48V range) for 200W version, +-60V (+-53 to +-65V range) for 350W version and +-72V (+-65V to +-77V range). If the power supply delivers lower voltage, out of range the amplifier might not start due to under-voltage protection, as well as if the voltage is higher, out of range will not start, due to over-volage protection. unless the voltage is significantly higher than maximum value (+30% or more) and is applied for short term damage will not ocur.

Recommended power supply for IRS2092 kit modules are: SMPS500(Q)R +-45V for 2 modules, 200W version, or SMPS800RE +-60V version for two modules, 350W version, SMPS1200R +-72V for two modules, 500W version. If the total system price is an important factor, a simple mains transformer with suitable rated power and output voltages can be used and one high current rectifier bridge only. Since music signal has a high crest factor, and the IRS2092k amplifier modules have very high efficiency, the power rating of the transformer can be lower than the total power of the amplifiers, but at least half the total power of the amplifier modules supplied. For example the minimum rated power of the transformer used to supply two 200W amplifier modules is 200VA. Following mains transformers voltage and current values are suitable: 240VA transformer for two 200W amplifier modules version with 2×32-33V AC, 3.6A, 450VA transformer for two 350W amplifier modules version, with 2×43-45V AC, 5A and 625VA transformer for two 500W amplifier modules version with 2×52-54V AC, 6A. The IRS2092k board uses large electrolytic capacitors, and in most applications extra-capacitance is not required unless the amplifier is used for low frequency reproduction only, such in subwoofer applications where the capacitors values must be increased to reduce bus-pumping effect. The board size is just 70x100mm, and 30mm height from the board to the heatsink top allowing the module to be installed in low-profile enclosure.

The IRS2092 Kit has all the required protections included, under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, short-circuit protection. The IRS2092k uses a high quality double-layer PCB board, designed for lowest EMI and best signal/noise ratio. The schematic topology and components selection allow best efficiency of up to 96.4%.

IRS2092k amplifier module is sold only as complete assembled and tested board. No unassembled kit available anymore. We are offering the best performance/price ratio mid to high power Class D amplifier on the market while using proprietary implementation, high quality double layer PCB board for best performance and use only genuine, carefully selected components. Brief description available on the link below. Fully assembled and tested modules are built upon order, tested within a test system in listening sessions for several hours along few days before being shipped for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Full product manual containing schematic, PCB silkscreen BOM assembly instructions and test procedures are sent via email upon purchasing the kit.

For more information, IRS2092Skit.

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Dimensions 7 × 10 × 3 cm
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200W, 350W, 500W, 700W


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