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High Performance audiophile sound quality Class D amplifier module based on IRS2092S and IR6643 DirectFET. Output power typically 250W on 4R speaker impedance or up to 150W on 8R speaker impedance with 0.068% THD supplied with with power stage supply voltage of +-54V.
Each module is single channel, the picture shows two identical channels, one with heatsink and one without heatsink for reference. For two or more channels, multiple modules must be ordered.

The amplifier module features fully balanced input, real-time temperature monitor, output signal clipping detector, switching frequency sync option for multiple modules, two status and power on-board LED’s, complete protection set: under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature with temperature feedback output monitor peaking detection. It also contains on board separate voltage regulators for small signal circuits (+-15V to +-25V at 25mA) and separate regulator for MOS-FET’s driver circuit. (14V to 28V at 40mA)

The power stage supply voltage must be in range of +-54V to +-58V to achieve the rated power with minimum THD and highest efficiency. Power stage Idle current consumption is ~18mA at +-54V overall Idle power consumption is 3.2 – 4.6W for each channel depending on the small signal stage supply voltage and switching frequency choice if the module works in sync mode. If the module is set to work at the default switching frequency of ~380-400KHz, power stage supplied with +-54V small signal stage supplied with +-18V and Driver stage supplied with 15V, the idle power loss is ~3.5W, much less than any similar power rating amplifier on the market and few orders less than any class AB amplifier, requiring very small heatsinks for keeping the temperature withing operational limits.

The CxD250-HP efficiency at nomial rated power of 250W on 4R load impedance reach 96%, with a peak efficiency of 97.2% at 150W on 8R load impedance. The module design allow for double side cooling, on top of the MOS-FET’s can a heatsink is installed and below the PCB the temperature can be transfered to a heat radiating piece which can be the enclosure bottom plate or an aluminium plate, through an electrical insulating and thermal conductive material. Thus, if a compact, lightweight and highly efficient design has to be built, the CxD250-HP can be used. The THD at 150W on 4R at 1KHz with power stage supply voltage of +-54V is 0.0028% making this amplifier sound comparable with best in class audiophile linear amplifiers. The damping factor is 630 for 4R load impedance measured at 1KHz and 860 for 8R load impedance measured at 1KHz.

The current available suitable power supply for a single module is SMPS300RE +-54V version with aux. voltage of +-18V, or SMPS500RxE +-54V version set to +-56V with aux. voltage of +-18V for best performance, and the driver stage supply voltage should be provided, (on a future SMPS version, dedicated for this amplifier, will be included). For multi-channel setup, a larger SMPS must be used, such as SMPS800R, or even SMPS2000R follwing a simple rule of thumb, the total amplifier modules output power must be less or at most equal with the power supply power rating. Product manual will be available soon.

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