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Single channel Class D Audio Amplifier based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. Output power exceed 500W on 4R impedance supplied at +-75V (with the heatslug mounted on external heatsink) or up to 300W on 8R impedance supplied at +-78V. For best perfrormances, separate supply is required for input stage and drivers stage, increasing the overall efficiency, and reducing the idle power consumption to less than 5W. The input section features fully balanced input, with 2x10Kr impedance, full protection set, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature with temperature report pin for controller unit, DC component protection, click/pop free start-up.

The CxD500 requires one diferential supply voltage in range of +-62V to +-86V for the power stage, one low-power differential voltage of +-18 to +-28V 20-30mA for the input stage, and one separate voltage, referenced to V- with the value in range of 16V to 25V at 40-50mA for the driver stage. Suitable power supply for a single module, >500W on 4R is SMPS600RxE, also suitable for two modules delivering 300W on 8R.

The board size is 100mm long, 40mm wide and 30mm tall. The heatslug has 6 M3 threaded holes, 2 holes on each side of the heatsug, allowing easier and tight installation in any position. 12/24 modules or more can be stacked in a single 1RU case, making this amplifier module suitable for PA multi-channel applications. as well as multi-channel home-theater systems.

For more information, CxD500.

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