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Single channel Class D Audio Amplifier based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S and output dedicated transistor IRFI4020. It uses only High quality genuine components on a very compact, dobule layer optimized layout PCB. The board weighs around 200 grams and the size is 35x95mm and 35mm height from the board to the heatsink top.
Output power typically 300W on 8R impedance supplied with +-75V DC.

Features full protection set, under-voltage, over-voltage over-current and over temperature protection, Mute and ON LED’s, mute control pin. Only requires a differential supply voltage in range of +-68 to +-78V.

The most suitable power supply for a single module is SMPS300RE with output voltage set for +-72V or SMPS300QR with output voltage set for +-75V. For two CxD300-8R one SMPS600RxE with output voltage +-72V can be used and for 3 CxD300-8R modules one SMPS800RE +-72V can be used. For multi-channel application, where up to 8 CxD300-8R are used, SMPS2000R with output voltage set for +-72V can be used.

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