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The TDA8950 Audio Amplifier Module is a Class D Stereo Audio Amplifier based on TDA8950TH Class D Audio Power Amplifier Integrated Circuit made by NXP (Philips) Company. The output power is up to 2x120W. The board comes with installed heatsink and 50V capacitors. The amplifier module can be used in Stereo Single Ended Mode or BTL mode without any modifications just connect both inputs together and connect speaker across the outputs without using GND connection. Left channel is 180* inverted so the Left output will be connected to negative of the speaker. This amplifier is a complete solution for middle and above middle power levels, it only requires a power transformer, wires, signal and speaker connectors and housing. The design of this board is in accordance with the manufacturer datasheet and recommendations, as well as the reference designs. Furthermore, some improvements has been made to make the board more compact and suitable to use both in new designs, in which the user will adopt the preferred housing, input stages and power supply, and can be used also as a drop-in replacement for existing audio amplifiers, which already have housing, transformer, and input stage. The size of the PCB is 58x68mm. Heatsink size is 58x30x70mm. The overall height depends on the height of the capacitors, the overall height with the smallest capacitors is about 60mm and the overall height with the tallest capacitors can reach 80mm, thus the module shall be installed in horizontal position. The heatsink has 4 threaded M3 mounting holes, 2 on each end for convenient installation.

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