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Half Bridge resonant SMPS capable of delivering 500W continuous and up to 600W peak power offering a high degree of Customization tailoring the needs of each application. It uses unregulated open loop half bridge resonant topology to deliver a differential output voltage within +7 and -10% of the nominal value when the current draw is varying from 0-100% and the mains supply voltage is 110V or 230V. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with a similar regulated SMPS and better efficiency compared with the regulated SMPS’s due to the fact that the transformer is driven with almost 50% duty cycle all the time at the resonant point, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS500QR features a complex Dual-mode Over-current protection which uses a Low-Power Voltage Ramp-up Mode which limits the output current during initial Power On to approx. 15-20% of the rated current to prevent damage to the load in case that the load malfunctions or draws more current than regular quiescent current draw. Because of this protection scheme, SMPS500QRv3 will only start with low quiescent current, so the Class A amplifiers aren’t suitable to be powered from this SMPS.

The SMPS500QR is a fully customized product which tailor the needs of each particular application and it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the voltage choice during ordering process as each particular application might only work with its corresponding voltages, and wrong values can lead to malfunction and can damage the product. To reduce the lead time for the most common used output voltage values, these are available as pre-built but fully finished upon order. For any other value not covered in the drop-down list we have to order custom voltage transformer and they are built using an alternative version of the PCB depending on voltage choice.

The Mains Voltage can be chosen from the two most common available voltages world-wide, 120V for North-America, Canada, some parts of Brazil, Taiwan and several other islands, and special voltage in case of special applications or lower than standard voltages (ex. Japan, 100V) or higher than standard voltages (ex. Mexico 127V).

The size of the board is 100x100mm and the maximum height from the PCB is given by the height of capacitors, between 36mm for low profile components up to 50mm for extended height capacitors. The low profile version can be installed in 1RU cases with proper clearance under the PCB. Please mention during order process which height version is required.

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Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Mains Voltage

Special, 120V, 230V

Output Voltage

32V, 40V, 45V, 55V, 60V, Special


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