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High efficiency Single Output Voltage in range of 18V to 38V plus one 12V 500mA aux Output Voltage, low EMI, regulated output voltage resonant SMPS. It is capable of delivering 240W with a Class D amplifier and up to 320W peak power. Ready available output voltage is 24V or 32V. Other Output voltages in range of 18-38V are offered by choosing the custom output voltage version.

SMPS240RS-SR is suitable for BTL Class D amplifiers requiring single rail supply voltage, as well as other applications requiring voltages in range of 18V to 38V and power up to 240W. When ordering the SMPS240RS-SR the correct Output Voltage must be selected for the application, as the Voltage is fixed and tightly regulated, within 2% of the rated Voltage. If the required voltage is not ready available, you can chose any other value within 18V to 38V range. The Custom Voltage version is built upon order, it takes additional time to be configured and tested prior shipping and cost about 15% more because of the additional work required compared with stock versions. Keep in mind this fact before placing the order, once the order for a customized version is placed, it can’t be changed or cancelled.

The main feature of this power supply is the High-Efficiency offered by using LLC Resonant topology plus Synchronous Rectification on the transformer secondary side and its very compact size, just 100mm long, 50mm wide and ~28mm tall, being the most compact >200W power supply available on the market and with a very good price/performance and size ratio. The Power devices are installed on a small heatsink for keeping their temperature within normal operating limits and the heatsink efficiency can be easily Increased by installing it on the enclosure wall. For operation with audio amplifiers, which have the crest factor of up to 2.5, the power supply does not require any extra cooling method, but if is used to supply long term continuous power over 120, the onboard heatsink must be attached on a metallic side of the enclosure to extend the cooling capabilities.

The efficiency of the SMPS320RxE is over 92% for 20-100% load, and the peak efficiency reaches 95.2% for a 32V version supplied from 230V mains voltage.

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