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High efficiency, low EMI, regulated output voltage resonant SMPS specially designed to be used with our CxD series amplifiers, such as CxD2160 and CxD250HP capable of delivering 320W for Class AB or Class D amplifiers and up to 360W peak power. Available output voltage is +-55V.
The SMPS320RxE includes the necessary auxiliary output voltages needed for CxD amplifiers, one in range of 15-18V DC, at max. 200mA, unregulated and another differential voltage with vaue of of +-15-18V at 200mA. They share the same GND which is isolated from the main output GND and can be tied to V- line to supply bias voltage for Class D amplifier power stages.

The main feature of this power supply is the extremely low size, of just 100mm long, 50mm wide and just ~28mm tall, being the most compact >320W power supply available on the market and with a very good price/performance x size ratio. The primary side power transistors are installed on a tiny heatsink for keeping their temperature within normal operating limits and the secondary side diodes are high-current, SMD type installed on the bottom of the board.

For operation with audio amplifiers, which have the crest factor of up to 3, the power supply does not require any extra cooling method, but if is used to supply long term continuous power over 120W extra-cooling might be required for the secondary side diodes of lower voltage versions. The easiest way to provide extra-cooling is to use Electrically-isolated, Thermally-conductive rubber placed under the diodes which will be in contact with the device housing. in this way the power supply can provide its full output power continuously for the most demanding loads such as class A amplifiers or LED lighting.

The efficiency of the SMPS320RxE is over 90% for 20-100% load, and the peak efficiency reaches 94.2% for 230V mains voltage.

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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 3 cm
Mains Voltage

120V, 230V

Output Voltage

32V, 40V, 36V, 45V, 50V, 55V, 60V, 72V


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