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Single channel Class D Audio Amplifier based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. Output power typically 400W on 4R impedance supplied with +-60V from a regulated SMPS or +-65V from unregulated SMPS or classic linear supply.

It has all protections required, under-voltage, over-voltage over-current and over temperature protection, speaker DC component detection for fast-shut-down of SMPS, making the classic relay speaker protection redundant.
It has Mute and ON LED’s to indicate the status of the amplifier, mute control pin and DC detection for fast shut-down of power supply. For basic operation, all the voltages required for amplifier operation are obtained on board, and requires only one differential supply voltage in range of +-56 to +-70V. For increased efficiency the driver stage can be supplied separately with an regulated or unregulated voltage in range of 15-25V DC at 60mA max. An isolalted supply voltage is required because the – is connected on board to -Vcc.

The board weighs a little over 100 grams and the size is 60x70mm and less than 30mm tall from the board to the top of the inductor. The CxD400 board is sold without heatsink and must be installed on a heatsink for proper operation, in most cases the amplifier aluminium chassis baseplate is suitable if can provide a thermal resistance of 3*C/W or better. Idle power dissipation is around 6W supplied at +-63V with no separate supply for driver stage and around 4W with separate supply for driver stage. The long term average power dissipated during operation is about 20W with a 4R load and maximum volume with musical signal.

Suitable power supply: for single channel, SMPS400RxE +-60V and for dual channel, SMPS800RE +-60V. To fully benefit of all functions in a stereo application, the future available SMPS800RxE must be used which will provide separate supply for driver stage and DC detection fast-shut-down circuit.

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