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TA3020 based KIT amplifier fully assembled and tested. Output power: 2x300W on 4R impedance or 2x155W on 8R impedance at +-56V supply voltage with the standard MOS-FET’s STW34NB20 or 2x385W on 4R impedance or 2x200W on 8R impedance at +-60V supply voltage with improved IRFB4321 (TO220 Package) MOS-FET’s. The board size is 100x100mm and the transistors can be mounted either horizontally on the base-plate of the amplifier or vertically on the heatsinks which are available as option. The board uses only high-quality THD components, no SMD components at all, giving the chance to be built even for those less familiar with SMD soldering techniques. The current kit is sold as complete assembled and tested amplifier. Upgrade components, heatsinks and dedicated power supply are available. The most suitable power supply is SMPS800RE +-60V and 5V/12V Aux.

WARNING !!! Although this Kit is complete assembled, it requires some basic tools and knowledge to be able to build a fully working amplifier system. The levels of voltages required for operating this amplifier KIT are hazardous and extreme care should be taken when testing and adjusting the kit. It is only recommended for experienced users, NOT for beginners.

For more information, TA3020v3k.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 cm

STW34NB20, IRFP4321


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