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The TA3020 Audio Amplifier Module is a Class T Stereo Audio Amplifier based on TA3020 digital audio power amplifier driver made by formerly Tripath® Company. The design of this board is in accordance with the manufacturer datasheet and recommendations, as well as the reference designs. Furthermore, some improvements has been made to make the board more compact and suitable to use both in new designs, in which the user will adopt the preferred housing, input stages and power supply, and can be used also as a drop-in replacement for existing audio amplifiers, which already have housing, transformer, and input stage.

Some of the amplifier’s features include:

  • Output Power: 2x200W at 4Ω, or 110W at 8Ω, with max. 0.1% THD+N, at +/- 50V Supply Voltage.
  • Output Power: 2x300W at 4Ω, or 160W at 8Ω, with max. 0.1% THD+N, at +/- 60V Supply Voltage.
  • Output Power in Bridge mode: 960W at 4Ω or 540W at 8Ω.
  • Audiophile sound Quality: 0.02% THD+N at 100W at 4Ω or 50W at 8Ω.
  • Very good efficiency: Up to 95% at 2x160W at 8Ω or up to 90% at 2x300W at 4Ω.
  • Output over-current and short-circuit protected.
  • Compact size, 100x130x40mm, assembled board, with integrated heat sink and optional cooling fan.
  • Auxiliary supply voltage regulators integrated on board, only need the main symmetric supply voltage.
  • Mute control and Mute status pins for controlling the amplifier status within the system.
  • Board contains bypass electrolytic capacitors, close to the output stage.
  • High current and low RDS on MOS-FET’s mounted very close to the TA3020 IC.
  • Double layer, 1.6mm thick PCB with 2 oz copper traces, minimizes stray inductances and parasitic.
  • Mostly SMD components used, mounted very close to the TA3020 IC and output MOS-FET’s

For more information, TA3020_Audio_Amplifier_Module_v3c.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 4 cm

8200uF 63V, 15000uF 63V, 18000uF 71V ELNA


STW34NB20, IRFP4321


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