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TA2022SMPS Amplifier is based on the popular TA2022 Tripath chip, the module contains on-board SMPS. It has on-board volume potentiometer, Mains power switch and Power and Mute LED’s. It has speaker protection circuit with turn-on delay and fast-shut-down function in case of DC component present at the output. Mains voltage 230V default, 110V selectable from a jumper.

Overall board size is 100x100mm and 36mm tall from the board base, suitable to be mounted in low-profile enclosures. The TA2022 IC is installed on a 100x36x18mm heatsink The mains power supply transistors and diodes does not require heatsink for normal operation modes. If the TA2022SMPS amplifier module is installed in an enclosure, he walls of the enclosure in which will be mounted can be used as heatsink if they are made of aluminium and have at least 100 sq cm total area for better heat dissipation.

For more information,  TA2022SMPS.

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