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Powered stereo version of the popular LM3886 based audio amplifier, the module contains on-board SMPS and two LM3886 Amplifier IC’s. Output power is 2x60W on 4R load and up to 2x40W on a 8R load with THD below 0.01%. It uses DC servo and doesn’t use any coupling capacitor on the signal path (although there is provision for input capacitor on the board but not installed) adding no coloration to the sound. The frequency response extends virtually from DC to over 40KHz with better than 3dB linearity and better than 1dB linearity up to 22KHz. It includes DC fast shut-down for speaker protection, which will latch-off  the power supply in case that large amplitude DC component is detected at any of the amplifier outputs. It provides an aux. 12V supply 200mA useful for some auxiliary circuitry such as a preamplifier or a separate speaker delay delay turn-on board. The heatsink is not included, a 0.6*/W or better heatsink must be used for reliable operation. LM3886TF plastic case is used for easier installation.

Mains voltage 230V default, 120V selectable from a jumper for 120V version only. Overall board size is 100x100mm and up to 36mm tall from the board base, suitable to be mounted in low-profile enclosures.

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