Power Supply and Protection Circuit


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Linear Power supply and complete protection circuit. Consist of a high current rectifier, 35A Bridge, 6x4700uF at 70V capacitors, two auxiliary adjustable regulated voltages in range of 5V to 12V regulated voltage which can be referenced to Vnn supply to bias the driver stage of the power amplifier, Power Soft Start circuit, with remote and delay function, which connects the mains transformer in two steps, to avoid large inrush currents, Speaker Protection Circuit, which connects the speakers with few seconds delay and disconnect them immediately after the power is turned off, to prevent click/pop noises and also disconnects the speakers in case of DC component detected at the output of the amplifier. In addition to this circuits, a Peaking Detection Circuit was implemented, which is very useful for Class D and Class T amplifiers, it detects the peaking of the output filter and mute the amplifier, then resume the operation after few seconds if the fault was removed.

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