Balanced Input Phase Shifter


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Balanced Input Phase Shifter, used between signal source and power amplifier. Can use both balanced XLR input and unbalanced RCA connectors. input impedance: 10 KOhm. Output impedance: 600 Ohms. Frequency response from 5Hz up to 37KHz, with better than 1dB linearity. It has very low noise floor, and THD, below 0.12%. The output signal from Right channel is 180 deg. inverted, so at the output of the amplifier the loudspeaker connection should be inverted too. It has onboard switches for selecting mode, Balanced or Unbalanced, and selecting the amplifier configuration, BTL or Single Ended. It has also LED indicator for Single-ended or BTL mode. The BIPS should be used mainly for Class D and Class T amplifiers, where inverting the signal phase of one channel will attenuate significally the pumping effect which have negative effect on the sound quality, efficiency and reliability. By default, the amplifiers which use this Balanced Input Phase Shifter, can be connected in BTL mode by simply connecting the loudspeaker between outputs and connecting the inputs in parallel. It can be supplied with differential voltage from the main amplifier supply, with the default value in range of +-12V to +-15V. Other values are available on request. The current Draw is very low, between 10-20mA depending on the supply voltage value.

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