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Dual Linear Supply board equipped with 4 High quality electrolytic capacitors chosen with values between 2200uF and 27,000uF at working voltage between 35V and 100V. It has two 6.8uH Inductors between each rail capacitors as well as 4 high-frequency snubber to filter furthermore the high-frequency noise which can affect the sound quality. It has two LED’s, one for each polarity and separate input-output fast-on type terminal type connectors which can be used to connect thick wires up to 3.5 sq. mm or AWG #12.

The LPS212A has no rectifier bridge on-board and must be used between an existing SMPS and one or two amplifier boards as an additional capacitor buffer and filter which increase the total available capacitance for Amplifier + SMPS built systems which use miniature SMPS modules such SMPS320RxE, SMPS300RE or SMPS500R(xE). It can be used for any class AB or D amplifier which requires smooth DC rails as well as higher capacitance per rail than the existing power supply can provide to prevent bus-pumping phenomenon, or when higher peak power than the SMPS can provide is required or the amplifier supplied from these power supplies is used mainly for subwoofer applications.

The LPS212A board size is just 72x100mm and and the height depends on the capacitors height, with the lowest profile capacitors, 25mm tall the overall height will be just 32mm including 5mm space below board. The PCB board layout is optimized for lowest ESL and excellent behavior from DC close to MHz frequency range, PCB uses thick copper for high current capability. LPS208A uses only high-quality, genuine, capacitors chosen from series with low ESR/ESL, high ripple current and/or long-life type as well as some premium brands such as Panasonic HC Series, Nippon Chemicon, Elna, Nichicon and some others.

Choose the Capacitors Nominal Voltage within 15-40% above the maximum operating voltage of the LPS208A Board.

The listed price is for the complete assembled board with all the parts except the four Electrolytic capacitors who’s price will be added from the drop-down menu upon choice.

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no capacitor(s), 4700uF 50V, 6800uF 50V, 10000uF 50V, 2200uF 63V, 4700uF 63V, 6800uF 63V, 8200uF 63V, 2200uF 80V, 3300uF 80V, 4700uF 80V, 2700uF 100V, 3300uF 100V, 27000uF 35V Panasonic, 18000uF 71V ELNA


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