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Linear Power Supply for Audio Amplifiers, contains 4 Ultrafast Rectifier Diodes and 6 large Electrolytic Capacitors, with value in range of 4700uF to 18000uF each, and working voltage from 50V to 80V. It has two LED’s, one for each polarity and separate input-output screw type terminal-block type connectors which can be used to connect thick wires up to 4 sq. mm or AWG #12 on AC Input Side and up to 2 sq. mm or AWG #14 on each DC Output side. The rectifier Bridge is suitable for 20A max. current and short-term peaks of up to 30A. Due to the large amount of capacitance which can be installed on this board it is strongly recommended to use it in conjunction with a Power-Soft-Start board on the primary side of the Mains Transformer when the total capacitance exceeds10mF per rail to prevent fuse or circuit breaker nuisance tripping and in extreme cases, possible damage to the rectifier diodes.

For capacitors selection, please use the selection menu. If another value is needed than the listed ones, please contact us to check the availability. LPS220A uses only high-quality, genuine, capacitors chosen from series with low ESR/ESL, high ripple current and/or long-life type as well as some premium brands such as Panasonic HC Series, Nippon Chemicon, Elna, Nichicon and some others.

Choose the Capacitors Nominal Voltage within 15-40% above the maximum operating voltage of the LPS220A Board.

The listed price is for the complete assembled board with all the parts except the four Electrolytic capacitors who’s price will be added from the drop-down menu upon choice.

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no capacitor(s), 6800uF 50V, 10000uF 50V, 2200uF 63V, 4700uF 63V, 6800uF 63V, 8200uF 63V, 3300uF 80V, 4700uF 80V, 2700uF 100V, 18000uF 71V ELNA


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