High Power Dual Linear Supply board equipped with 2×6 27,000uF 35V Panasonic HC Series Electrolytic capacitors. With 324,000uF total capacitance this board is perfectly matched for Class A Amplifiers which require tremendous amount of capacitance to keep the supply voltage rails smooth. Two 50A rectifier Bridges are used and the maximum DC current capable to supply for amplifiers is 2x36A continuous and up to 50A short-term peak. The board is equipped with heavy-duty, High current screw type terminal type connectors where very thick wires up to 6 sq mm can be used. The LPS236A board size is 150x160mm and uses 3oz copper thickness. LPS236A uses only high-quality, genuine, new and original capacitors carefully chosen from series with low ESR/ESL, high ripple current and long-life type. Example: Panasonic HC Series, Nippon Chemi-con LXG Series, Elna LAH Series, Nichicon GU Series.

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