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Third generation of Ultra-compact TDA8950 based class D Audio Amplifier with on-board power supply. The smallest medium power amplifier on the market, with the size of the amplifier board just is 100x50mm and 30mm tall.
Output power is 2x120W on 4 Ohms load impedance. The amplifier can be powered from 230V mains by default or 120V mains when selecting the corresponding voltage version and by placing a voltage selection jumper.

All 4 inputs of the Power amplifier IC are available on the Signal connector, making possible to use the TDA8950SMPS Powered amplifier both with balanced inputs or unbalanced inputs.

Due to highly efficient on-board power supply, the overall efficiency of the TDA8950SMPS Amplifier can reach 90% at 2x150W on 4R powered from 230V mains voltage. The idle power consumption with the TDA8950 Power IC active is just 7.5W and below 2.5 with the power IC muted.

For more information, TDA89x0SMPS_Audio_Amplifier_Module.

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Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3.6 cm
Power IC

TDA8950TH, TDA8954TH


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