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High Performance Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier with integrated Power supply. IRS2200SMPS is based on the very popular Class D audio amplifier controller IRS2092S. Output power 2x200W on 4R.

Output power is 2x200W on 4R at less than 0.1% THD and up to 230W on 4R at 1% THD. Output power on 8R with 0.1% THD or less is 115W and up to 135W at 1% THD. IRS2200SMPS can be powered from 120V (100-127V) or 230V (210-245V) mains voltage It has on-board fully-regulated, high-efficiency resonant power supply which ensure constant supply voltage for IRS2200SMPS Amplifier power stage independent on the mains supply voltage value. Amplifier gain is 18.85, Input sensitivity 1.5V RMS for 200W on 4R output power. Input Impedance is 20K. Frequency response from 24Hz to 18KHz has better than 1.3dB linearity and 3dB from 16Hz to 22KHz. Damping factor >320.

Input section features fully balanced input, with 2x10K impedance, full protection set, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, Speaker DC component protection, click/pop free start-up and shut-down. The amplifier efficiency is over 94% at 4R and 96% at 8R and SMPS efficiency is over 93.5% at 50% load. The overall efficiency from mains to speaker is up to 88% for 4R and up t 90% for 8R. Idle power consumption is ~7W with amplifier On and less than 3W with SMPS On and amplifier Muted.

IRS2200SMPS is the smallest powered ampliier available on the market weights just 350 grams and PCB measuring just 130x100mm and 30mm tall, ultra-compact amplifiers can be built. Several IRS2200SMPS amplifier modules can be easily fitted in a single 1RU case or any enclosure with 35mm or more internal height. The heatsinks were designed to fit ont the amplifier enclosure wall which will serve as extended heatsink.

Curently IRS2200SMPS is being used as the power amplifier module by a famous US manufacturer or Guitar head amplifiers in two of their smallest size models offering a very competitive price/performance ratio amplifier.

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Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3.6 cm
Mains Voltage

120V, 230V


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