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Switched Mode Power Supply designed for Class D audio amplifier with output power up to 180W or class AB amplifier with output power up to 120W. It has one differential output voltage adjustable within +-25 to +-35V range and one regulated 12V 300mA aux. output. SMPS180QR is a robust entry-level Switched Mode Power Supply, its main advantage being the wide mains input voltage, from 100V AC to 250V AC without changing the mains voltage with any voltage switch and the wide output voltage adjustment range. The efficiency is greater than 85% from 10-100% load with peak efficiency of 88.3% at +-35V output, 2A and 230V mains voltage.

It uses quasi-resonant operation for better EMI and efficiency universal input voltage, 100 to 250V AC, very low idle power consumption, of less than 1W, complete protection including overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature.
It is recommended to be installed on a flat metal surface which will serve as extended heatsink to keep the whole power supply assembly temperature as low as possible. In some particular applications, where the load current is about 200mA or less, very low audible noise can be heard from the transformer from near-by due to the fact that is working in extended quasi-resonant mode to save power. The size is just 100mm long, 76mm wide and 44mm tall, suitable to be installed into 1RU case. On request, cover can be supplied or fully enclosed case.

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